We cut hair. We don’t do any facial shaves. We do mostly men and boys.

Founded in 1954, the shop operated for over forty years before being purchased by Bill Dalton. Bill was working ar a barber shop in Bay Village when customers started coming in saying their regular barber had gone out of business. He went to investigate and saw a handwritten sign on the door that said that the shop had closed. He gave his card to the manager of Schuenemann Appliance next door. He forwarded it to one of the shop owners, who called Bill the next day. In 20 minutes, the deal was sealed.

After Bill’s untimely death in 2011, Dave took over operation of the shop. He has continued operating with the high standards that customers have come to expect. Dave purchased the shop and began making improvements in the building and equipment. Although the facility now sports a more modern face, the service remains the same high quality, personal attention customers have received since 1954.

Stop in and experience a great haircut today. When you do, we think you’ll become not only a customer, but a friend.